The Coordinating Team

The Coordinating Team

The CFE Squirrel, Outreach & Asks coordinator [bc_member name=”MaryCasey”].

The CFE Banker, Outreach, Minutes and overseeing our Agenda [bc_member name=”HeatherPabiou”].

Coordinator, Membership, Outreach & Webmaster [bc_member name=”jasperhampton”].

Event organisers & admin group

Music exchange coordinator & Newsletters [bc_member name=”TrazeIrwin”].

Honorary Member & Outreach – Clonakilty Town Mayor [bc_member name=”Cionnaith”].


Contributors who have left the team but who are still CFE members.

Past CFE Banker [bc_member name=”JackKelleher”].

Past Events Coordinator [bc_member name=”SheaCunningham”].

Founding Member [bc_member name=”BevCotton”].

Past Coordinating team member [bc_member name=”MoragMackay”].

Past Squirrel & Events Coordinator [bc_member name=”Valerie”].

Past Coordinating team member [bc_member name=”Christine Deady”].

Past Coordinating team member [bc_member name=”Steven Kelly”]

There are almost too many names to list. If you have made a contribution to The CFE team and are not listed here, please do get in touch. We will be happy to give you our gratitude.