Core Values, Guidelines and Ethos

Core Values, Guidelines and Ethos


The CFE is a voluntary, not for profit, community self-help group and relies on mutual trust, support, respect and goodwill from all its members to run successfully.

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Advance notice of meetings, agendas, decisions and minutes are published on the website, as are members details, skills, work traded and favour balances.


All members are volunteers and all work undertaken is by consent.  There is no obligation to exchange, but the scheme will obviously work better if members are committed to exchange whenever possible.

Not for profit

All work undertaken is for the benefit of the individual members and the CFE community as a whole. No money changes hands – all work is unpaid.


Membership is open to anyone who agrees to these guidelines and the exchanging terms of the CFE.  Members can start exchanging as soon as they have registered their contact information and skills/help offers.  Members exchange in CFE favours which are worth a quarter-hour of work-time each.  The work is paid by one member to another in favours to the value of the time given, and the exchange is recorded by the webmaster on the website.  There is no obligation to return a trade with a particular member- the favour to be redeemed can be with any member of the scheme and for any of the jobs or skills or goods offered.

Balances of favours should be kept within 200 credit or 100 debit limits .  Exchanging is not encouraged if either limit is reached without the consent of the coordinating team.  However, appeals for greater spends for special projects or to meet special needs can be reviewed and agreed by the coordinating team when requested.  Members who become too much in ‘debt’ or ‘credit’ will be helped by the membership secretary to bring their balance back within the agreed limits.  This is necessary because the system will work best if exchanging is roughly equal, and will meet its aims better if it is seen as fair.


Administration and community contribution

CFE obviously takes time to maintain and run, from arranging and recording meetings to updating the records and website.  To run it as a volunteer scheme it needs to be supported by its members, which is done in the form of a levy of favours.  An administration and community (A&C) charge of five favours will be levied on all members every three months to maintain the administrative work of the CFE.  Members who undertake work for CFE can then apply to the committee for a reimbursement of their time in favours, paid to their personal account if the coordinating group approves. 

The balance of A&C favours will then be used to ‘fund’ voluntary projects agreed by the committee for the benefit of the community, and to help get indebted traders back in balance.

******* The Admin Levy has been suspended until the next AGM May 2017*******