How Clonakilty Favour Exchange Works

How Clonakilty Favour Exchange Works


1. Set up your member’s page First have a look over our core values & guidelines to make sure you agree with them.  Next, simply fill in our Registration Form. You will need to include a brief message to introduce yourself to other members and a list of the skills or jobs you are offering to do.  Include a note of any qualifications or experience you have if relevant.  We will also need your contact details, preferably an email address and phone number, so that members can contact you to ask for or offer favours! Once your page is up on the website we will email existing members to let them know you are there and that you are available for exchanging.


Don't forget to tell us when the job is done

Don’t forget to tell us when the job is done

2. Start exchanging Then you are free to call on anyone on the list to ask them to do a favour for you.  To find out what members do is easy.  Go to the members’ page and read over the skills and help offered.  The scheme works best if members actively engage with each other to build the CFE community. You may also receive calls from members to do favours for them.  The membership coordinators will be in touch regularly to help ensure that all members are participating equally. It is up to members to agree before-hand how many favours the work will take (15 minutes work is one favour).  Any cost in terms of materials (paint, ingredients, petrol etc) will normally be borne by the person for whom the favour is done.


3. Keep in touch When you do work for another member, you may log the favour via the Log Favours button above to say what work has been done, for who and for how long and we will alter the favour balances accordingly – a debit for them and an equal credit for you. N.B. You don’t have to return favours to members who do favours for you – you can help anyone in the scheme in return.  As long as you put in as much as you take out, you will keep your favour account in balance. Finally, all members are entitled and needed to take part in community projects, administrative and promotional work for CFE.  Favours can also be earned for this work.  The committee will always be glad to hear from you with ideas or offers of help to keep the project going. To become a member you can start the process now by Signing Up.